Are you ready to take action?

I'm so excited to launch the beta round of two new programmes for the publishing industry.


I learned most about making books inclusive when I was able to work with people with more experience than me, and when I was also able to talk to them about what I was doing and get feedback.

I gained knowledge and confidence. It transformed the books I worked on. So I know what a difference it can make.

Now I'm on a mission. I want to offer this learning opportunity to others. To create a network of people who can champion inclusion. Not just people with good intentions, but people who understand how to make books authentically inclusive, who know how to do the research to make this happen. Who know where to look for the answers.

"I can feel my mental attitude to inclusion changing – it's no longer a scary thing that I don't understand, so I passively avoid. Having this information from a clear source will give me the confidence to make changes and have fun doing it!"

Rose Parkin, Freelance Editor and Project Manager

Tell me more...

Both programmes take place over 8 weeks, with pre-recorded content delivered weekly, and fortnight sessions with me.

The Inclusion Incubator is for people working in-house in publishing and features emails support and fortnightly 1:1 consultancy sessions.

Foundations for Inclusion is for freelancers in publishing and features group support via a Facebook page and fortnightly Q&A sessions.

This is not conventional training. Training where you listen for an hour or two, feel inspired, but when you get back to your desk your inbox and to-do list take over. The drip feed of content, and opportunity to discuss how it applies to YOUR projects, will be transformational.

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