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You've got an amazing illustrated book list of which you can be proud, and some exciting forthcoming titles. You've made sure that the characters in your books are ethnically diverse, and maybe one or two books include a wheelchair user. 

However, you know that there is more you could be doing to make your books inclusive. You don't want to just tick boxes. You want to truly effect change. But how do you take these good intentions and turn them into authentically inclusive books?


Maybe you've got some ideas of who you could be representing, but you're worried about getting it wrong. You no only want to understand what goes into making a truly inclusive books, but you also want to know how to apply this to the projects you are working on right now.

You are not alone. When I'm consulting on books I often come across the same kinds of problems and giving similar explanations not just about how to overcome them, but why this is important.

"Working with Beth was a pleasure: she gave clear, prompt, considered and very helpful expert advice and feedback on a project, which benefited hugely from her eye. "

Natalie Doherty, Editorial Director, Penguin Random House

Turn those good intentions into real action

The Inclusion Incubator is takes you through the background and the strategies to take inclusive books, with weekly topics and activities to explore where you are or to help you apply what you've learned to current projects. To help you take what you are learning and make it work for you and your books, the programme includes regular 1:1 sessions where we can talk more about how the topic applies to the books you are working from, as well as discuss any concerns and potential pitfalls, and overcome them together. 

In the 1:1 sessions i'll gently push you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to think bigger, help change your mindset about what books can and can't be inclusive, hold you to account but also hold your hand through the process. 

"Opened my eyes to the myriad decisions in a book's creation that determine its accessibility. From discussions around typefaces and spot colours, to shaping the messages embedded in a book's text and artwork. [It] has heightened my awareness of what contributes to a book being truly inclusive."

Anna Ridley, Commissioning Editor

How does it work?

Each week for 10 weeks you'll be given access to a pre-recorded video where I'll discuss a particular topic or aspect to consider when making inclusive books. This will be accompanied by a PDF describing the content and give you prompts for activities.

Every two weeks* we'll have a 1:1 consultancy session (lasting 1 hour) where we can discuss the topics further in relation to your current projects (or anything else) and I can answer any questions and give specific advise. We can use the sessions however works best for you, so that maybe looking through rough illustrations together, or discussing the possibilities for a particular book.

What's the investment?

The Inclusion Incubator is an investment for the books you are working on now and in future. You will have a comprehensive understanding and awareness of issues regarding inclusion, and how to apply these to real projects.​


If you'd like to chat with me to find out more about how it works and whether it's right for you, please get in touch to book a call.

Inclusion Incubator - Summer 2020

Important information

*Email support is available Monday to Thursday. Please aim to consolidate queries where possible I will aim to respond in 24-72 hours.

*Consultancy sessions will take place in weeks 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10. There will be 5 sessions in total.

All consultancy is carried out virtually via Zoom or Google Hangouts. You swap consultancy time for 1 hours of desk time for me to review and feedback on part of a project.

Got a question?

Please get in touch with any questions. 

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