Foundations for Inclusion

BETA ROUND SOLD OUT! The next round will be in the Autumn. 

You understand that inclusion is important, and you're doing the best you can. You make books inclusive whenever you can, ​however, you know that there is more you could be doing to make books inclusive. You don't want to just tick boxes. You want to truly effect change. But how do you take these good intentions and turn them into authentic inclusion in books?


Maybe you've got some ideas of what you could be doing, or want to do, but you're worried about getting it wrong. You not only want to understand what goes into making truly inclusive books, but you also want to know how to apply this to the projects you are working on right now.

You are not alone. When I'm consulting on books I often come across the same kinds of problems and find myself giving similar explanations not just about how to overcome them, but why this is important.

"Opened my eyes to the myriad decisions in a book's creation that determine its accessibility. From discussions around typefaces and spot colours, to shaping the messages embedded in a book's text and artwork. [It] has heightened my awareness of what contributes to a book being truly inclusive."

Anna Ridley, Commissioning Editor

Turn those good intentions into real action

Foundations for Inclusion gives you the background and foundational knowledge you need to make books inclusive. There's a different focus each week with activities to explore where you are and to help you apply what you've learned to current or recent projects, including prompts for working on your mindset around inclusion and inclusive books.


Regular group Q&A sessions will help you take what you are learning and make it work for you, and peer support will help drive you forwards.

"I can feel my mental attitude to inclusion changing – it's no longer a scary thing that I don't understand, so I passively avoid. Having this information from a clear source will give me the confidence to make changes and have fun doing it!"

Rose Parkin, Freelance Editor and Project Manager

How does it work?

Each week for 7 weeks you'll be given access to pre-recorded content where I'll discuss a particular topic or aspect to consider when making inclusive books. This will be accompanied by a PDF of the content, which will also include pointers to remember, implementation and mindset tasks and may include suggestions for further reading or information. There will also be an introduction video made available before the programme starts, a bonus recording on language and terminology, and in week 8 a recording to summarise and give advice for moving forwards.


There will be a private Facebook group where you'll be encouraged to share your responses to the implementation and mindset tasks and support each other. I'll also be responsive on your posts. You'll have a live Q&A session* with me every fortnight (4 in total) where I'll answer questions submitted on a dedicated thread during the previous weeks as well as give specific advice and discuss any concerns and potential pitfalls. 

Those that engage with all the task in the Facebook group will receive a PDF certificate at the end of the 8 weeks, as well as a recommendation on LinkedIn to say that you have completed the programme.

Who is it for?

The Inclusion Incubator is for freelancers in the publishing industry. The content is written with picture books in mind, but the learning can be applied to other children's book and educational products and the Q&A sessions will help you do this.


If you are employed in the publishing industry, check out the Inclusion Incubator.

What's the investment?

Foundations for Inclusion is an investment that goes beyond the 8 weeks. You will develop an understanding and awareness of issues regarding inclusion, and how to apply these to real projects, as well as pointers from each unit that you can use as guidelines.​

The first round is a beta testing round, which means that the price will be significantly lower than it will be on future rounds in return for your feedback and a testimonial, as well as understanding that there may be technical or practical issues that crop up.

Foundations for Inclusion - Autumn 2020

Important information

I will aim to respond to posts in the Facebook group in 24-72 hours, Monday-Thursday.

*Q&A sessions will take place in weeks 2, 4, 6 and 8 and will be in the Facebook group. There will be 4 sessions in total.

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