From basic proofreading and copy-editing to developmental editing and design, I offer a full range of editorial services. I can also assist with research, as well as highlighting educational values. I can take on and manage projects, from full commissioning to briefing and liaison with illustrators and authors, and the production of print-ready files. Competent in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, as well as Quark, I am happy to work with files in a variety of formats.

I can advise you on how to make your books more inclusive, and subsequently make you stand out in the marketplace. Ensuring that books are incidentally inclusive is not a simple task. In order to avoid tokenism, it is important to fully research characters and to liaise with relevant agencies. I understand that whilst many publishers would like their books to be more inclusive, they don’t have the time to carry out this level of research. I will provide advice across all areas of diversity (disability, heritage, gender, orientation, age, culture, family) either as part of an editorial project, or independently.  

I can provide training in inclusion and diversity tailored towards teachers and librarians, or authors, illustrators and publishing students or employees.

As well as working with children's books, I will also work on websites, promotional material, catalogues, adverts and much more. I can advise on inclusion across all media, from adverts to greetings cards.

Editorial & Design:

  • copy-editing
  • developmental editing
  • commissioning
  • copywriting
  • proofreading
  • research
  • text development
  • project management
  • book development
  • continuity checking
  • layout design
  • origination
  • print-ready files

Inclusion Consultancy:

  • manuscript/
    illustration evaluation
  • specialist research
  • character research and development
  • illustrator liaison
  • promotional advice


  • training
  • public speaking
  • promotional design
  • education liaison

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