Welcome to Without Exception. I'm passionate about what I do, so this blog will feature comments on things I read or things I'm doing in relation to inclusion or editing. 

I'm lucky, given that I've only just started working freelance, that I've been kept busy for most of November and December. Working as a teaching assistant for a couple of days a week also helps to keep me focused on children and what interests them. I've already used this direct experience to advise a publisher on a book that is set in a school.

As well as setting up my website and facebook page, I've also joined Twitter @WException

I read an article by Charlie Condou last week where he commented on how books and television programmes don't feature families like his (two dads and one mum who are co-parenting). I was able to use Twitter to let him know about Without Exception and companies such as Letterbox Library. Hopefully, in the future, more books will feature many different types of families.