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The Power of Words

Posted by Beth Cox on Friday, February 1, 2013,

As an editor, words are my livelihood so it frustrates me when people don't realise the power that they have. 

I've been pondering on the subject dealt with in this blog for a long time, ever since seeing Tim Minchin at the Hay Festival where he spoke about the power of words. He highlighted that it's not, in fact, a massive problem if children hear swear words. Much more dangerous is when they hear words (and I'll use his...

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Posted by Beth Cox on Wednesday, October 3, 2012, In : Inclusive Books 

I've realised that I'm a bit useless at blogging regularly, so I'm going to try and make my blogs quick and regular, rather than long and months apart
A quick thought on pirates. Children love pirates. Books on pirates, films about pirates, dressing up as pirates, games about pirates, school topics about pirates... The trouble is, many pirate themed artifacts unwittingly reinforce negative stereotypes. Normally I campaign for more images of disabled people in books, but I do the opposite whe...
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