As important as it is for inclusive books to exist, it’s just as important that parents, carers, teachers, librarians, and anyone else, can find them. This is where booksellers such as Letterbox Library are invaluable. Their infinite knowledge and rigorous testing standards mean that they supply an outstanding collection of inclusive books. 

Letterbox Library stock books that reflect our diverse community, are multicultural, feature different faith groups, refugees and migrants, disabled children and diverse families. As well as books that challenge gender stereotypes and explore personal and social issues such as family break-up, illness, bereavement, bullying, global citizenship and the environment. Where else can you find a bookseller that offers that kind of range and expertise?

Think of a topic and Letterbox Library can come up with an amazing list of books that will address it. Because all of their books are reviewed by education professionals, you can rest assured that any suggested titles will be of a high quality, whether a locally produced book by a small organisation, or an import from overseas. 

Beyond that, Fen and Kerry of Letterbox Library are genuinely passionate about the value of the books that they sell, and the need for more like them. Time spent chatting with them is always invigorating, interesting and inspiring.

Specialist independent booksellers need our support unless we want to lose them so, next time you’re looking for a great book, visit Letterbox Library. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.