Nothing missed. No one excluded.

Complete editorial and layout service for publishers.

Advice on equality, diversity and inclusion issues in children's books. 

Editorially perceptive, and with a strong sense of publishing ethos, I can look at your project from a new perspective. As a specialist in diversity and inclusion, I will bring more to a job than just editorial skills. Flexible and easy to work with, my editorial skills range from basic proofreading and copy-editing, to developmental editing and design; I can also assist with research and project management. 



"I can't thank you enough for your input on the recent picture books Yokki and the Parno Gry and Ossiri and the Bala Mengro. Not only did your skill as an editor play a huge part of the quality of the finished books, but your enthusiasm for the project from the beginning and your superb knowledge of and contacts within the publishing world was a vital component to them getting commissioned in the first place. In addition to that your skill and understanding of my creative process and need for authenticity made you a vital part of the team. I doubt very much if the books would have appeared on the shelves without you. I sincerely hope we get the opportunity to work together again."

Richard O'Neill, Author and Romani Storyteller

"We've only recently started working with Beth as a proofreader, but we're very impressed with her thoroughness and prompt service. Her attention to detail goes beyond the call of duty: her discovery of minor plot holes in a detective story was first-rate sleuthing in its own right. And she's certainly made us more attuned to the issue of non-discriminatory language. Glad to have you on board, Beth."

Stephen Haynes, Editor, The Salariya Book Company

“Right from the start, I trusted Beth implicitly and we quickly developed a strong working relationship. She was always punctual with deadlines, tactful with her feedback and encouraging of my improvements and edits. Each time on receiving a draft from her, I would review her changes and automatically understand why she had made them, because they just made sense. To be able to get into the mind of a writer like this and help them tell their story, especially one so personal, is a true skill.” Read the full testimonial...

Anne-Marie Scully, Author

"Having Beth alongside to edit has become a ‘must-have’... an essential part of the process, saving me time and money, but also 'lifting' the work and taking it to a different, and better, level - Without Exception!" Read full testimonial...

Jess Stockham, Illustrator

"Not only does [Beth] have a great deal of expertise and insight when it comes to affirmative and realistic representations of disability, but she also has a commitment across all areas of inclusion which she translates into real action.Read full testimonial...

Fen Coles, Letterbox Library

“Extremely professional and dedicated, Beth helped me with the review of a children book story. She constantly challenged the stereotypes, even those that might not seem obvious, and didn’t hesitate in putting in extra effort and giving advice to make all the elements fit together. Her ethical attitude is beyond compromise. Impressive!”

Thom Vigliaturo, Writer



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